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I adore sex. Everything about it. The intimacy, the lust, the way your heart races and breath quickens as each orgasm edges closer and closer. I love how it brings you closer to the person, be it in a relationship or just a lust driven fuck. It takes away that feeling of lonliness and your endorphins are so high, you feel you can fly.


Sex has been a major part of me and my life for over a decade. I’m a very sexual being, but when that feeling goes, I know something is wrong. And right now, something is wrong. I’ve been losing my drive, my kink and animalistic desires are few and far between. Mental health has a major impact on sex, and for me I end up feeling like I can’t be sexy, or beautiful, I’m not attractive or desirable. I used to agree with this, and lock down and lock away. Instead, the gorgeous lingerie is coming out, the stockings and hold ups kiss my skin and the sway of my hips is as strong as ever. For me, sex is a basic need. Like air. Or food. This time, I refuse to just let the darkness swallow me, instead I’ll keep it at bay. One touch, one kiss, one orgasm at a time.


A few words…

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I like the new year. For me it’s a chance to clean out my space, my mind and to make plans for the time ahead. I don’t really do resolutions, but I like to look at the first 4 months and decide what I would like to achieve.

I started this website nearly a year ago, and I often let things get in the way, which sadly led to it being unloved and neglected. I kept setting silly little things and saying I would write more, but I didn’t. Shame on me bends and hands the paddle for punishment

I love writing erotica, seeing the words glow in front of me and knowing that someone, somewhere is enjoying the glimpse inside my mind. I was debating on writing for this site only, but I have some ideas for my year and for this site.

I will continue to add brief stories here, poems and pictures, but I want to also do a few reviews too. I am working on a collection of short stories, with the possibility of developing them into a novel. I will be asking for proof readers at times, and also teasing with excerpts as I want to keep people interested. I have plans to expand previous stories and hope to take part in many more memes as I gain confidence in my writing…

So, here is to 2014, may it be full of lust and wonder and many beautiful words…

20140103-171913.jpgwell,start as you mean to go on…


New Years Eve…

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Black silk and matching lace,
Champagne flavoured kisses and a tight embrace.
Rouged skin and blood red lips,
Matching nails, the sting of a whip
The caress of his palm, the moments wait,
The sudden impact, feeling so great.

Fireworks exploding, like his touch on your skin,
New year, welcomed in sin.
Start the year, as you plan to go on.
Enjoy it all, each and every one.

Happy new year my lovelies, thank you for reading my site this year.

SJ xxx



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Desire. A simple word.

de·sire (d-zr)
tr.v. de·sired, de·sir·ing, de·sires
1. To wish or long for; want.
2. To express a wish for; request.


n. 1. A wish or longing.
2. A request or petition.
3. The object of longing: My greatest desire is to go back home.
4. Sexual appetite; passion.


I have a longing. An ache. A desire to feed and a fantasy to fulfill.

I want to be able to submit. No holding back, no qualms, no questions. To feel safe as I fall to my knees and to be ordered to do whatever it is that is asked of me. To hold my breath with anticipation, as I wait for the next sting of a palm; a whip; a paddle against my skin, the sting that makes me gasp, quickly followed by a sigh of content.

To be at the mercy of you and your darkest desires, your devious side taking over and consuming me with each action.  Feeling your teeth graze my skin, finding my erogenous zones and making them sing. I long to feel your hand in my hair, pulling it tightly as your lips bruise mine. Your hand forcing my tender thighs apart as your fingers graze my sensitive clit, throbbing from being spanked and pinched. To straddle you, skin touching and that wanton desire taking over, leading us into a rhythm as we go from play to penetration, from two souls finding a way in the dark and ending as one. To be sated. By you.





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Your fingers in my hair,
your lips against my skin.
Your touch is full of care,
your eyes, full of sin.

Your teeth grazing my thighs,
your palm against my bum,
your touch making me sigh
your actions making me come.

The way way you feel,
the way you taste,
your body against mine.
the sound of your voice,
the touch of your hand,
your fingers running down my spine.

Our scents mingled together,
my nails digging in,
these memories are forever,
you are embedded in my skin..

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Four Simple Letters..


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BDSM.  Four small, innocent looking letters of the alphabet, and they are.. most of the time.


Not looking quite so sweet now, are they.
What is BDSM?  Well if you ask Wikipedia..

BDSM represents a continuum of practices and expressions, both erotic and non-erotic, involving restraint, sensory stimulation, role-playing, and a variety of interpersonal dynamics

I can agree with this. BDSM these days seems to be an umbrella term, that covers so many aspects of what many people label kink. It means different things to different people, a love of rubber and latex, cross dressing or gender reversal. It could be the power play of a Dominant and submissive, the art of shibari and rope play; the various aspects of bondage. Sadists, masochist and switches; pegging, pain and humiliation. All of these are part of BDSM.

What is BDSM to me? Do I engage in it? Yes, I do. Do I have a specific role? No. I love so many different elements of it. I love handing myself over to the trusted person and submitting to them. I love to take control, decide how things will play out. I enjoy feeling a paddle as it meets my skin and makes me whimper, to bite and mark when the power is mine or is being shared. The lust, trust and freedom I get from release and letting go. Trust, for me is a major player. I need to know there is a strong bond and a trust that can’t be wavered. A safe word may be used when trying out something new, or even in something well-practiced, lines are there though not obvious as trust allows us to be free.

I decided to ask the wonderful world of Twitter what BDSM means to them.
For some it was the tools, the implements.
“Ball gags”
“Diamond butt plugs”
“Nipple clamps and cat-o-nine tails”
Others used words to describe the feeling, the sensations.
“Pleasure & Pain”
“A fun night out”
“A fun night in”
“Emotional bliss”
” A trusting bond”

Some people dabble in it, for others it’s their lifestyle, it makes them exactly who they are. For me, it’s a part of me, of my life but it hasn’t defined me. For me, and others, there are so many aspects of BDSM that I doubt anyone will ever explore them all. It’s a wonderful huge candy store, with things to play with, and so many outcomes out there. I have tried some things, but I know there are many more I want to experience, there is no rush, no time limit.
So, BDSM; What does it mean to me?
It means trust, communication. It means pleasure, pain and excitment. I don’t think it needs a specific label, a title for everyone. It’s freedom to be you, an art of expression.
Bondage Dominance/Discipline Sadism Masochism – Beauty Darkness Sensations Memories.

I think I’m going to go find my paddle and assume the position now…

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