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BDSM.  Four small, innocent looking letters of the alphabet, and they are.. most of the time.


Not looking quite so sweet now, are they.
What is BDSM?  Well if you ask Wikipedia..

BDSM represents a continuum of practices and expressions, both erotic and non-erotic, involving restraint, sensory stimulation, role-playing, and a variety of interpersonal dynamics

I can agree with this. BDSM these days seems to be an umbrella term, that covers so many aspects of what many people label kink. It means different things to different people, a love of rubber and latex, cross dressing or gender reversal. It could be the power play of a Dominant and submissive, the art of shibari and rope play; the various aspects of bondage. Sadists, masochist and switches; pegging, pain and humiliation. All of these are part of BDSM.

What is BDSM to me? Do I engage in it? Yes, I do. Do I have a specific role? No. I love so many different elements of it. I love handing myself over to the trusted person and submitting to them. I love to take control, decide how things will play out. I enjoy feeling a paddle as it meets my skin and makes me whimper, to bite and mark when the power is mine or is being shared. The lust, trust and freedom I get from release and letting go. Trust, for me is a major player. I need to know there is a strong bond and a trust that can’t be wavered. A safe word may be used when trying out something new, or even in something well-practiced, lines are there though not obvious as trust allows us to be free.

I decided to ask the wonderful world of Twitter what BDSM means to them.
For some it was the tools, the implements.
“Ball gags”
“Diamond butt plugs”
“Nipple clamps and cat-o-nine tails”
Others used words to describe the feeling, the sensations.
“Pleasure & Pain”
“A fun night out”
“A fun night in”
“Emotional bliss”
” A trusting bond”

Some people dabble in it, for others it’s their lifestyle, it makes them exactly who they are. For me, it’s a part of me, of my life but it hasn’t defined me. For me, and others, there are so many aspects of BDSM that I doubt anyone will ever explore them all. It’s a wonderful huge candy store, with things to play with, and so many outcomes out there. I have tried some things, but I know there are many more I want to experience, there is no rush, no time limit.
So, BDSM; What does it mean to me?
It means trust, communication. It means pleasure, pain and excitment. I don’t think it needs a specific label, a title for everyone. It’s freedom to be you, an art of expression.
Bondage Dominance/Discipline Sadism Masochism – Beauty Darkness Sensations Memories.

I think I’m going to go find my paddle and assume the position now…


The perfect weapon

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Today I did something mundane. I sorted out my underwear drawer. You see, I love lingerie, it’s one of my biggest extravagances in life and there is only one reason I’ve stopped buying any. I’ve run out of room. Seriously. My bras possess their own drawer, and are lined up like pretty not so little soldiers, ready and waiting to be plucked and adorn my pale skin. I own everything from red silk to coral lace, whites, yellows, blacks and blues. I have them. Why do I have so many? It’s simple. I love how a good set can make me feel. The way the silk sets all brush my skin, pushing my breasts together and framing them in wonderfully coloured fabric, begging to be touched. The playful lace in coral, blue or black, decorating my derrière in such a manner I am tempted to show it off. The suspender sets, perfect for finishing off a look as I clip on the seamed stockings, the lines leading towards my little bum. Believe me, even the comic pants have their place. I have often had men grinning as I shimmy out of jeans and they see Wonder Woman posing on my behind. It’s sexy in its own way, but probably not what I’d wear with an LBD…
So, whatever you do, always wear decent underwear, ladies it is your perfect weapon for seduction. You can tease as you slowly roll your stockings down, seduce as ease off those lace/silk/cookie monster shorts and keep your lover mesmerised as you slip off that beautiful bra. You have a gorgeous body, arm it well.

20130415-155811.jpg eeny meeny miney mo..




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Red – The colour of passion, her lingerie, her lips,
Pink – Her marked skin, his cock, her clit.
Purple – The bruise from your bonds marking her thigh,
Blue, Yellow and Green – Faded bruises; your previous adventures, here they lie
Black- Your tie, the paddle and the blindfold, leaving her in the dark
White- Her beautiful skin, inviting, inticing, begging for your mark

The colours of sex, of passion, of neverending pleasure.

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...




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Recently, I’ve had a major curveball hit me between the eyes. Honestly, it’s left me reeling and overwhelmed and made things, such as my writing, suffer in a major way. At the same time, its kind of given me a chance to reflect on my writing, my words. Where do I want to go with them, what would I like to achieve.

I love writing. I love putting the fantasies that myself, and others have, into words. I love knowing that the readers of my work feel arousal and such from my words, the enticement caused by each tap of my keys is spread through their body like a delicious fever. So, what point am I getting to exactly? Well, I’m setting myself a little task. A story a fortnight is to hit this website, and if all goes well, one a week is easily achievable. I have so many ideas in my head, it’s hardly as if I’m lacking inspiration. Perhaps I have too much, but I doubt that. I just need to focus on one at a time. There are boundaries to push, lines to cross and desires to spark.  I hope to ignite the fire in all of you soon.

I also like challenges, so I ask you. Give me an idea, a boundary to push. a fantasy to put into words that could leave people wanting more, or even feeling dirty for enjoying..


e[lust] digest

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Photo courtesy of Plumptious Pea

Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #45? Start with the newly updated rules, come back April 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

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In the Back Seat of the Bus




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As she packed to leave the office, she noticed there was something sticking out the corner of her bag.

That wasn’t there a moment ago..she thought to herself, as she plucked it out and sat back in her chair. Slipping her shoes off she sighed, and turned it over in her hand studying it. It was a creamy coloured envelope, made from good quality paper and hand her name handwritten on the front. The penmanship wasn’t familiar and it intrigued her as to how had it gotten in her bag, without her noticing. Trying to remember when she had left her bag, she realised she had gone to the bathroom to change her outfit to head to the bar. It made sense now. She smiled to herself, feeling the suspenders against her thighs, holding her stockings in place, the lack of knickers allowing her bare arse to enjoy the satin lining of her skirt as it moved against her when she walked. Turning the envelope again, she slipped her thumb in and opened it. The note paper inside was a luxurious as the envelope itself had been, and there was a gentle lingering scent to the paper, manly, yet so faint that she brought it to her nose to see if it was real. She inhaled and her senses devoured the smell, it was fresh and clean. Unfolding the paper, she felt herself getting excited, the heat building inside.

” Your presence has been requested. Be at Bar Soho for 8pm. Sit in the back right corner.”

There was no initial, no marking or hint to who it could be. Should she go? Her body was saying no, her mind was curious. She just had to know. Who wrote this note, and more to the point. Why?

She looked at the watch and realised she had half an hour. Grabbing her bag, she clutched the note in her hand as if holding it would reveal more to her about who wrote it. Hailing a cab, she glanced at it once more, frustrated for the lack of information.The cab pulled up outside the bar, and after paying her fare, she walked in, taking in all the faces and noises that surrounded her. No one looked at her, or was familiar, so she ordered her drink and walked to the back right corner, hoping to see someone waiting for her yet it was empty. She placed her bag on the seat and turned to shrug off her coat.

“Don’t turn around yet” She heard whispered in her ear

“There is another envelope, next to your glass. Drink up, follow the instructions. I’ll see you soon”

By the time she turned he had blended into the crowd, it could have been anyone. It was the writer of the note though, she could smell him against her and it made her heart race. Again, her name was clearly written on the front, but this time the contents were different, She could feel a card.

“Room 219, The Soho Hotel.” Once again, the note revealed nothing. Her frustration built. Should she go out as planned? No. She needed to know who this was. Adding the second envelope to the one in her coat, she draped it over her arm and decided to walk, it would only take minutes and the cool breeze caressing her skin kept her focused. Shaking herself mentally, she walked into the hotel and straight to the lifts. Hitting the second floor button, she fixed her stockings and touched up her lipstick, running her finger over her bottom lip to even out the colour. She felt her heart lurch as the lift stopped, and her legs weakened as she turned toward the direction of 219. Taking a deep breath, she inserted the card into the door, waited for the click and the green light and opened it, not knowing what she was walking into.

“There is a blindfold. Put it on” came this deep husky voice. Just hearing him excited her, her senses were heightened, her curiosity too. She hung up her coat and picked up the silky blindfold, slipping it over her eyes, she watched the world go black, the cold satin against her skin was enhanced as she gave way to the darkness. Standing there she felt petrified; yet excited, scared; yet exhilarated.
All she knew was this was going to be a night she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. And all thanks to a mystery envelope….

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...


Wicked Wednesday – Bite me


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She breathes in suddenly, as she felt the teeth biting into her.
“Harder” she whispers, afraid to voice her desires too loud, afraid to admit she wants more.
He growled, the sound of lust and pleasure escaping from his throat as he applied more pressure against her translucent skin. The deep blush pink of his precise marks, showing his path across her inner thighs, a trail of pleasure and pain, a map if you will.
She arched her back, fingernails digging into her palms as he did as she has asked, allowing himself to be rougher, to watch her skin pucker and dent under his command. Slowly, pearls of blood beaded her inner thigh, he smiled a wicked smile, so proud of his work. The tears of blood decorating her beautiful pale body.
She whimpered and tried to pull away, but the spreader bar between her knees made it impossible for her to close her legs,protect herself from her own desires let alone his.
“More?” He asked as he gently ran his nails on the welts, tracing the raised lines on her eager flesh.
She nodded, not willing to stop yet, even though she knew she should. Her desire to submit, to bleed for him, to be left marked and broken, was over riding the sensible side of her, trying to scream out from its gag to stop. She wanted more. She wanted to make him proud.

He released her legs from the spreader and crawled between her knees, admiring his work. Slowly, he nipped at her inner thighs, following the lines of where the teeth of the single headed pin wheel had been. Nibbling, nipping and licking the pathways caused by his lust, until his tongue hit the beads of blood. Slowly, he licked the traces away, tasting the metallic tang mixed with her scent, her sweat, the taste almost heady. Following the tiny droplets of blood, the breaks in her delicate skin, his tongue climbed up her thigh, lapping away until he could feel the heat from her glistening cunt.
He paused and looked up at her, his cock throbbing as he saw the pleasure on her face. Her beautiful almond shaped eyes were shut, her lower lip caught between her teeth, hands curled and her body a mix of goosebumps and a sheen of sweat, she filled him with such desire, such lust. He took her clit between his teeth and felt it throb, the attention almost too much for her to handle. She bucked against the restraints, pressing her arse into the mattress as his teeth grazed her clit and then nipped back to her thighs, leaving her writhing in pleasure.  His teeth took over from where the pin wheel had left off, his tongue soothing her skin after every gentle nibble.
“Bite me…” She moaned.
Who was he to say no..

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

*Authors notes
This piece was written for the WickedWednesday prompt, but was inspired by talks at Eroticon by both @Remittancegirl and @kristina_lloyd about pushing boundaries, and using different terms and ideas when writing your erotica. So, I did. With that in mind, I am also submitting this piece to the e{lust} submission, under the eroticon category. I hope you enjoy it, perhaps for the second time around..


A quick hello…

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Welcome to my website.

Some may know me from my twistderotica blogspot, and if so, thank you for joining me here. Others may be meeting me for the first time. If so, welcome aboard.

I guess I should start with who I am. I’m SJ, a late 20 something London girl, with a major love of the naughtier side of life; be it written, visual or otherwise, I am very much an erotic kind of girl. This website was started so I had a solid base for my musings, writings and any possible projects I may come up with in the future.

So, what do I write? well, fiction is a huge part, though some of it is more factual than others, but a girl never tells which is which. I write my fantasies, but I am willing to talk to others about any ideas they might have or pieces they’d like to see. If so tweet or email me, I like having people to talk to…




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Teasing, tasting your desire upon their lips,
moaning, gasping, reaching for their hips.
Biting, nipping, asking them for more,
Softly saying in their ear “I’m your willing little whore..”

Gripping, tensing as your pleasure builds in between your thighs
Whimpering,pleading, begging to cum between your sighs.
Screaming, panting as you feel yourself shake,
Looking them in the eyes as the barrier starts to break.
Smiling, shivering as your orgasm starts to unfurl,
your muscles tightening around his cock, as your fingers start to curl..
around his shoulders, nails biting deep into his skin,
He moans aloud as he too cums, filling you within.

You lay there sated, purring, marks showing on your breasts,
from his teeth, his hand,the wax and cane,the pinwheel on your chest.
The red marks across your thighs and arse, easy to be seen
a map of his love, his touch, his pleasure,the paths of where he’s been…

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