Welcome to my website.

Some may know me from my twistderotica blogspot, and if so, thank you for joining me here. Others may be meeting me for the first time. If so, welcome aboard.

I guess I should start with who I am. I’m SJ, a late 20 something London girl, with a major love of the naughtier side of life; be it written, visual or otherwise, I am very much an erotic kind of girl. This website was started so I had a solid base for my musings, writings and any possible projects I may come up with in the future.

So, what do I write? well, fiction is a huge part, though some of it is more factual than others, but a girl never tells which is which. I write my fantasies, but I am willing to talk to others about any ideas they might have or pieces they’d like to see. If so tweet or email me, I like having people to talk to…