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Recently, I’ve had a major curveball hit me between the eyes. Honestly, it’s left me reeling and overwhelmed and made things, such as my writing, suffer in a major way. At the same time, its kind of given me a chance to reflect on my writing, my words. Where do I want to go with them, what would I like to achieve.

I love writing. I love putting the fantasies that myself, and others have, into words. I love knowing that the readers of my work feel arousal and such from my words, the enticement caused by each tap of my keys is spread through their body like a delicious fever. So, what point am I getting to exactly? Well, I’m setting myself a little task. A story a fortnight is to hit this website, and if all goes well, one a week is easily achievable. I have so many ideas in my head, it’s hardly as if I’m lacking inspiration. Perhaps I have too much, but I doubt that. I just need to focus on one at a time. There are boundaries to push, lines to cross and desires to spark.  I hope to ignite the fire in all of you soon.

I also like challenges, so I ask you. Give me an idea, a boundary to push. a fantasy to put into words that could leave people wanting more, or even feeling dirty for enjoying..

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  1. Gorilla Bananas

    A woman’s fantasy of being ravished by a silverback gorilla. I only suggest this because it frequently appears in google searches which lead to my blog. It is not something I personally find arousing.

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