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As she packed to leave the office, she noticed there was something sticking out the corner of her bag.

That wasn’t there a moment ago..she thought to herself, as she plucked it out and sat back in her chair. Slipping her shoes off she sighed, and turned it over in her hand studying it. It was a creamy coloured envelope, made from good quality paper and hand her name handwritten on the front. The penmanship wasn’t familiar and it intrigued her as to how had it gotten in her bag, without her noticing. Trying to remember when she had left her bag, she realised she had gone to the bathroom to change her outfit to head to the bar. It made sense now. She smiled to herself, feeling the suspenders against her thighs, holding her stockings in place, the lack of knickers allowing her bare arse to enjoy the satin lining of her skirt as it moved against her when she walked. Turning the envelope again, she slipped her thumb in and opened it. The note paper inside was a luxurious as the envelope itself had been, and there was a gentle lingering scent to the paper, manly, yet so faint that she brought it to her nose to see if it was real. She inhaled and her senses devoured the smell, it was fresh and clean. Unfolding the paper, she felt herself getting excited, the heat building inside.

” Your presence has been requested. Be at Bar Soho for 8pm. Sit in the back right corner.”

There was no initial, no marking or hint to who it could be. Should she go? Her body was saying no, her mind was curious. She just had to know. Who wrote this note, and more to the point. Why?

She looked at the watch and realised she had half an hour. Grabbing her bag, she clutched the note in her hand as if holding it would reveal more to her about who wrote it. Hailing a cab, she glanced at it once more, frustrated for the lack of information.The cab pulled up outside the bar, and after paying her fare, she walked in, taking in all the faces and noises that surrounded her. No one looked at her, or was familiar, so she ordered her drink and walked to the back right corner, hoping to see someone waiting for her yet it was empty. She placed her bag on the seat and turned to shrug off her coat.

“Don’t turn around yet” She heard whispered in her ear

“There is another envelope, next to your glass. Drink up, follow the instructions. I’ll see you soon”

By the time she turned he had blended into the crowd, it could have been anyone. It was the writer of the note though, she could smell him against her and it made her heart race. Again, her name was clearly written on the front, but this time the contents were different, She could feel a card.

“Room 219, The Soho Hotel.” Once again, the note revealed nothing. Her frustration built. Should she go out as planned? No. She needed to know who this was. Adding the second envelope to the one in her coat, she draped it over her arm and decided to walk, it would only take minutes and the cool breeze caressing her skin kept her focused. Shaking herself mentally, she walked into the hotel and straight to the lifts. Hitting the second floor button, she fixed her stockings and touched up her lipstick, running her finger over her bottom lip to even out the colour. She felt her heart lurch as the lift stopped, and her legs weakened as she turned toward the direction of 219. Taking a deep breath, she inserted the card into the door, waited for the click and the green light and opened it, not knowing what she was walking into.

“There is a blindfold. Put it on” came this deep husky voice. Just hearing him excited her, her senses were heightened, her curiosity too. She hung up her coat and picked up the silky blindfold, slipping it over her eyes, she watched the world go black, the cold satin against her skin was enhanced as she gave way to the darkness. Standing there she felt petrified; yet excited, scared; yet exhilarated.
All she knew was this was going to be a night she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. And all thanks to a mystery envelope….

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