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Desire. A simple word.

de·sire (d-zr)
tr.v. de·sired, de·sir·ing, de·sires
1. To wish or long for; want.
2. To express a wish for; request.


n. 1. A wish or longing.
2. A request or petition.
3. The object of longing: My greatest desire is to go back home.
4. Sexual appetite; passion.


I have a longing. An ache. A desire to feed and a fantasy to fulfill.

I want to be able to submit. No holding back, no qualms, no questions. To feel safe as I fall to my knees and to be ordered to do whatever it is that is asked of me. To hold my breath with anticipation, as I wait for the next sting of a palm; a whip; a paddle against my skin, the sting that makes me gasp, quickly followed by a sigh of content.

To be at the mercy of you and your darkest desires, your devious side taking over and consuming me with each action.  Feeling your teeth graze my skin, finding my erogenous zones and making them sing. I long to feel your hand in my hair, pulling it tightly as your lips bruise mine. Your hand forcing my tender thighs apart as your fingers graze my sensitive clit, throbbing from being spanked and pinched. To straddle you, skin touching and that wanton desire taking over, leading us into a rhythm as we go from play to penetration, from two souls finding a way in the dark and ending as one. To be sated. By you.


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