Handing my coat over to the guy in the cloakroom, I gave myself the once over in the mirrored door. Dark shoulder length hair curling round my shoulders, porcelain skin set off with smoky eye make-up and blood red lips; plunging vest top clinging to the swell of my breasts, showing off the curves of my waist and hips, finished with denim mini and fishnets to highlight my long slender legs. Yep, tonight I was certainly dressed to kill. I turned to my friend and smiled as she walked towards me, equally as striking with her height.

“Bar!” she announced, and we giggled as we went up the stairs in search for the first drink of the night. Even though it was freezing outside, we both dressed to show off our best features. Her tall slender frame caught many eyes, and my leggy curvaceous one, attracted many more. Walking towards the bar, you couldn’t help but notice people watching us.
“Two ciders, please” I asked, pulling my purse out.
Both bar staff fell over themselves to help us girls, and I giggled softly. It was going to be a good night….
I have to admit, I absolutely love going to smaller venue gigs. As much as I like major events as places like Wembley, the darker- more intimate ones, suit me so much more as huge crowds are really not my thing. As we entered the main room I felt my senses come alive, the buzz of excitement from the waiting fans, the beautiful room lit softly with lights dimmed.  I giggled with Ana and we raised our glasses.
“To an amazing night!” she said.
“Cheers!!” I yelled as the warm up band started. Bodies started closing in around us as the music got going, and I was in my element, dancing and just enjoying myself. We giggled and flirted with those around us, the drinks never seeming to end.
I walked off to freshen up and get another round in, accidentally walking into the guy behind me.
“Oops, Sorry” I giggled.
By now, I was starting to feel the warm fuzziness that comes with drinking quickly.
“You OK?” He asked, smiling.
I was fixated at that moment in time. This wonderful, devilish smile was aimed at me. I moved my eyes upwards, being drawn into the most beautiful chocolate eyes which instantly made me weak at the knees. He must have been about 6ft 4… slender but not skinny, dressed in a casual shirt and t shirt, sleeves rolled up revealing a gorgeous array of tattoos. Seriously, if there is one thing to get me wet, it’s beautiful tattoos. I don’t mean football ones and such, I mean genuine artwork.
“Yeah! Sorry, tipsy” I replied after a moment, stroking his arm and making my way to the bar.
I hoped to find him where I left him when I got back.
I went to the bathroom and touched up the make-up, giving myself a once over. My face was a little more flushed, but apart from that, all looked good. Tousling my hair, I walked out and headed to the bar.
“Back again?” smiled the barman. I caught his grin and bit my lip.
“Yup. Two more ciders!” I said
“Make that three…” came a voice from behind me. I turned and was greeted to a gentle hint of aftershave and a checked shirt.
“Thank you.. You don’t have too you know” I responded.
“It’s fine, I’m sure you can make it up to me” he responded, winking cheekily.
My mind went into overdrive, causing me to blush. There were many things I could think of to make it up to him, but most were not possible in public…
I kissed his cheek and grabbed my drinks, leading the way back through the crowd.

“There you are! I sent someone to find you as you had been gone so long” Ana said to me, winking and kissing me as she took her drink.
“So I saw! He even bought our round…”  I replied bumping her with my hip.
Cheeky mare….
Ana kissed his cheek and thanked him. We giggled and joke until the second support act got going. He pressed up against my back a people moved forward again. I felt my heart beat faster and a warm sensation spread between my thighs. I softly shuddered as his breath brushed the back of my neck and a gentle moan escaped my lips.
“Cold?” he asked, his lips brushing my ear as he asked.
I felt my knees weaken, but mentally shook it off.
“Nope, random shiver” I replied, pressing against him.
“I was going to offer to warm you..”  He teasingly said, before nipping my neck.
I moaned again and reached behind, squeezing his thigh. Feeling how toned his legs were almost pushed me over the edge. I love toned thighs and defined arms, for me these two features are the ultimate turn on. I arched my back and felt his fingers dance across my hips, before pulling me tighter against him. The dampness grew and was spreading, I could feel my knickers slowly getting wetter so decided I wasn’t going to be the only one suffering. The support band soon had the crowd dancing and singing along,  my body caressing his as I began to dance too. He gripped my hips tighter and I felt a moan rumble through his chest.
“You fucking tease..!” His voice rippled through me, as he growled those words in my ear.  Now, to me this is fighting talk, a challenge of sorts.
“I’ve only just begun…” I answered, grinding harder against his growing hard on, feeling it press against my bum. I shimmied and pressed harder; giggling playfully as I could feel his cock getting harder by the moment, poor man was starting to really suffer.
He growled softly, then I felt his hand snaking its way under my skirt. Instantly I was soaked, the thought he was about to discover how turned on I was, caused my pussy to throb. He danced his fingers up the back of my thighs and squeezed my bum, groaning as he did so.  Slipping his hand between my thighs, he rubbed my clit through my tights and panties.
“You dirty bitch, you’re soaking” He said.
“I know.. It’s yo…” That’s as far as I got when using one hand, he ripped the crotch of my tights apart, pushing my soaked shorts aside and plunging 2 thick fingers inside me.
I felt my knees buckle, and if he hadn’t been holding me up, I would have hit the floor. My breath came out in gasps as he flicked my clit with his thumb, before easing his hand out slowly and licking his fingers clean.
“Mmm, sweet little pussy you have.” He said, as I caught my breath. I blushed and kissed him, tasting myself on his lips.

“Whose round is it?” Ana asked, as the support band ended and everyone clapped and cheered. Talk about a close shave.
“Yours, same again” I replied as I carefully checked my skirt was covering all it needed to.  Her face looked flushed from the dancing, so I felt confident no one knew the real reason my cheeks were full of colour.
I turned to face him, and he slipped a finger under my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He kissed me roughly, biting my lip.
“Let’s call that a taster” he said as he pinched my nipple through my top, as Ana made her way back towards us. I felt his pocket vibrate against my pussy and as he pulled his phone out, he teased my clit, making me knees go again. I was at his mercy, and he knew it.
Ana and I giggled and talked for a moment, as he turned to answer his phone. I took the moment to catch my breath. My whole body was pulsating and throbbing.
The band started, and the heavy bass guitar vibrated through me, causing my pinched nipple and throbbing clit to go into overdrive. My body was begging to be touched, making it hard to focus on the band. I bit my lip and tried to get back into the gig, but feeling his fingers dance along the top of my skirt and occasionally reaching under to grope me, made it hard. Suddenly, he pulled his hand out from between my thighs.
“About time!” I heard him yell above the music. Ana and I turned to see what was going on. There, beside him was a gorgeous man, sporting a familiar devilish smile.
“Meet my brother…” He said. Ana’s face lit up, realising I wasn’t going to be moving from my spot, she grabbed his hand and headed further towards the front. Slowly, I turned and kissed him hungrily as he pinned me to the wall behind him. I moaned as he is teeth found my neck then my nipple, the crowd too engrossed in the band to pay any attention. Using both his hands, he ripped my tights further, accidentally ripping my lace shorts too. My clit throbbed and pulsed as he flicked it with his thumb, causing me to moan and bite his neck. Removing his hand, he slipped his fingers in my mouth and smiled, seeing the intense pleasure in my eyes. Leaning against the wall, he undid his jeans as he stood me in front of him, making sure I faced away. Pulling the remainder of my shorts out the way, he slipped into me from behind, as slowly as he could. Inch by inch, his thick cock filled me til I felt his balls rest against me. I breathed out slowly, fuck, he had a gorgeously thick and long cock. I moaned gently as he slowly eased me up and down, gripping my hips and controlling me. I reached behind and gently cupped and squeezed his balls. Following the intensity of the song, he started to speed up, his balls slapping against my arse, making me moan loudly, using the sound of the fans singing to drown out the sound.  Wrapping a hand in my hair; he pulled my head back, and bit my neck.  I could sense an orgasm coming, and dug my nails into his thighs. Laughing softly, he pulled out and patted my arse as he pulled my clothes back into place. I whimpered and turned to face him.  He pulled me in by my waist and kissed me.
“Want a drink?” He asked as I sensed we had company.
“My round!” said his brother, as the two boys headed to the bar.  Ana and I headed to the bathroom. I needed to remove the remainder of my tights and shorts as I was worried they were noticeable under my skirt.
“You’re glowing” Ana said playfully as I washed my hands in the bathroom. I giggled and fixed my hair.
“So are you” I responded, noticing teeth marks on her neck. Looks like I wasn’t the only one getting more than a healthy flush from the dancing. After making sure we looked presentable, we headed back out, following the heat from the crowds, and the deep sensual voice of the lead singer. I felt my body tingle as I saw him standing there, waiting for me with a drink in hand.  I took a huge mouthful before kissing him and turning back to the band. With his arm wrapped around my waist, we danced, grinding against one another.
“I can’t take this much longer” he said, taking my hand and leading me upstairs.
“I thought this area was off limits..”

He took a key and opened up the VIP area. I realised we had the perfect view and no distractions. I felt my pussy throb with this thought and pushed him against the door. Dropping to my knees, I ripped open his button fly, smelling the sex of us on his raging cock. I playfully licked the tip, tasting my own juices mixing with his pre-cum, adding sweetness to the salty taste. The lights from the set made his cock gleam, inviting me to suck it. Licking from the base to the tip, I heard him groan as I wrapped my lips round the shaft, holding what I couldn’t fit in my mouth, in my hand. Sucking hungrily, I felt his fingers twist in my hair as his cock twitched. Slowly I took as much of him into my mouth as I could manage, feeling myself choke slightly, as his cock started to hit the base of my throat. I gagged, knowing there was no way all 9 inches was going to fit in my mouth. I eased back slowly and sucked for a moment longer, before standing and wiping my mouth with a finger.
I had just reached standing height when he pushed me again the railing, forcing my skirt over my hips. Bending me so I was leaning slightly over them, he buried his face in my pussy from behind. I screamed out, his teeth nipping my clit as he buried his fingers deep inside me. Holding on to the railing, I tried to keep my balance and his tongue followed his fingers, lapping away at me.  I felt an orgasm building, and felt my knees weaken. He gripped my hips tightly and fucked me with his tongue, until I shook violently, falling onto his face as I came in his mouth.  Biting my bum, he laughed and stood, turning me to kiss me. My mouth was flooded with the taste of my own pussy.
“Fuck me…. Please!” I begged. He peeled my vest top and bra away from my sweating skin, licking and sucking my nipples, biting one, then the other. I cried out in pleasure.
“Right. Now?” He asked, kisses breaking up the sentence. I realised he has walked me back against the wall. Pinning my hands above my head in one hand, he grasped my hip with the other and thrust hard into me, ripping a moan of pleasure out of me, stretching my pussy with each movement. I wrapped one leg around him, pulling him in, feeling his hips buck hard, as he drove himself into me, biting and nipping at my neck as he did so. I struggled against his restraints, and he let go, grabbing my bum and lifting me, changing the angle and causing his cock to bounce off my g spot. Pleasure ripped through me and I came violently, nails dug into his back, biting his lip and wrapping my legs round him briefly, hanging on whilst the orgasm worked its way from tip to toe. I loosened my legs and kissed his lips, realising I had broken the skin slightly.  Growling softly, he slipped out and led me back to the balcony. The band were heading back for their encore. And so was I…

Forcing me to bend over the rails again, he wrapped a hand back in my curls and pulled me roughly back on to his cock, using my hair to control me. Grabbing my hip again he slammed into me, his balls slapping against me, as he moaned loudly, slapping my arse once, hard. I gasped and slammed back against him. I felt his cock twitching, and knew what was coming. Gripping the rail, I felt another orgasm build, my pussy clenching around him.  He ran his hand across my bum one last time, gripped my hips and exploded. I screamed out loudly, drowned out by the cheering of the fans as the band finished up. He eased out of me and pushed me to my knees. His shaft was glistening from my juices coating him, cum still oozing out of his helmet. Looking him in the eyes, I licked and sucked til he was clean, and all I could taste was the two of us in my mouth. Pulling my skirt into place and making sure my breasts were back in my bra, I kissed him.
“Do I get to see you again?” He asked, kissing me.
“I’m sure I’ll be back to see another band soon..” I playfully respond as I handed him my number, before walking off to find Ana.
“Thanks for suggesting tonight” I say as I find her.
Heading towards the taxi I became aware of the cum dribbling down my thigh as my phone vibrated, telling me I had a message.
It was certainly a gig I wasn’t going to forget in a hurry..