Teasing, tasting your desire upon their lips,
moaning, gasping, reaching for their hips.
Biting, nipping, asking them for more,
Softly saying in their ear “I’m your willing little whore..”

Gripping, tensing as your pleasure builds in between your thighs
Whimpering,pleading, begging to cum between your sighs.
Screaming, panting as you feel yourself shake,
Looking them in the eyes as the barrier starts to break.
Smiling, shivering as your orgasm starts to unfurl,
your muscles tightening around his cock, as your fingers start to curl..
around his shoulders, nails biting deep into his skin,
He moans aloud as he too cums, filling you within.

You lay there sated, purring, marks showing on your breasts,
from his teeth, his hand,the wax and cane,the pinwheel on your chest.
The red marks across your thighs and arse, easy to be seen
a map of his love, his touch, his pleasure,the paths of where he’s been…