This is the first story I ever wrote that is pure erotica… please be gentle with me ::winks::

Pulling her phone out her bag she checked the time. 22:15. She was early, as always, the others weren’t due out for another fifteen minutes.
“Time for a smoke…” she thought to herself, digging her trusty cigarettes out her bag and ferreting for her lighter. A flame appeared in front of her. She recognised the scent anywhere. He always made her pulse race, even though he shouldn’t. She was in a relationship. He was her vice…
“You’re early” she said, lighting her cigarette, before tiptoeing to hug him.
“I thought you probably would be, so didn’t want you standing around waiting alone” He kissed her neck gently, making her shudder, warmth building between her thighs.
She studied him as they smoked and talked. His tall, broad stature with a strong back. Long slender fingers that drove her mad with desire, imagining them buried deep inside her. His lips, so soft, kissable. Absent-mindedly, she shuddered at the memory of him kissing her, biting her lip playfully.
“Cold?” he asked
“No, just random shiver. Fancy a drink?”

She walked into the pub. The others would be here soon and she wanted to calm herself.
“So, what’s your poison tonight?” He asked as they stood at the bar, his hand gently on her back, almost in a possessive way, telling the other men who were looking that she was out of bounds.
“I’ll have my usual. Plus a shot.”
He ordered. A cider for her, beer for him and 2 Jäegerbombs.
“Cheers…” she said, before slamming the bomb back. The alcohol hit her hard, warming her throat and relaxing her. Maybe she’ll be able to avoid temptation tonight… maybe.
The others turned up, and they found a table. Undoing her coat, she was aware of his eyes on her, waiting to see what was underneath this time. She had dressed carefully, sexy but subtle, so the others wouldn’t be overly aware. Knowing her legs and breasts were her best features, she always highlighted them and tonight, she had done the job. A knee length jumper dress over a simple vest top that showed the curve of her full breasts and black lace tights with wedged shoes. Her legs were toned and long, tights drawing the eyes down. She saw him smile, and caught his eye. This was going to be a fun evening.
The drinks and laughter flowed. She loved nights out with this group of friends. The conversations were open and fun, laughter was constant as was the flirting.
“Cigarette?” he asked her when the others came back in from smoking.

Leading the way, she felt his eyes undressing her. The warmth in her groin grew, her clit throbbing, and moisture increasing.
He lit her cigarette, leaning in to whisper in her ear
“You’re not going home tonight.”
She shuddered again, her lace shorts getting wetter by the minute. He pressed his body to hers, pinning her to the wall she was leaning on. Nibbling her lip, his hand slip up her thigh, causing a moan to escape.
“I was hoping you were going to say that. It’s been too long” He kissed her hard and pinched her clit making her gasp in response.
He licked his finger, and walked back into the bar.
Tease… she thought as she straightened her dress and followed.
The next few hours went by in a blur of stolen kisses and stroking under the table, teasing each other. The alcohol lowered her inhibitions as the night went on, and she was less bothered by the looks and smiles her friend gave her when watching her and her desire together. They bounced off each other, laughing and joking easily. It felt good. His hand sliding up inside her thigh again, rubbing her through her tights and shorts. She gripped his thigh, running her thumb across his hard on, straining against his trousers. Glancing at the clock, she got excited. Everyone will be heading home soon..
She would be heading to a hotel.
He whispered in her ear how much she was turning him on and that he hoped she was ready for him.
“I really am..” she replied, squeezing his cock and biting his

The next hour flew by as she danced and teased him, laughing with her good friends. They stumbled out the bar/club they had ventured into and they said their goodbyes to the others who were walking home. He took her hand and they walked down the back street, heading to the hotel nearby. She led him down a dark quiet alley and pressed him to the wall, releasing his straining cock from his trousers. Caressing it, she kissed him firmly, before crouching, and hungrily taking him into her mouth. He moaned loudly and wrapped his hand in her hair, forcing her to take as much of him into her mouth as she could. She forgot how big he was, as the tip forced its way into her throat. She gagged gently, before she deep throated him, making him moan once more. Kissing the tip, she stood up and dressed him again. She needed him. Now.

They got to the hotel, and quickly booked a room. Her shorts were drenched and she felt her legs getting wobbly from anticipation.
She had barely gotten her coat off when he pushed her to the bed. Removing her shoes, he kissed his way up her slender legs, draping them over his broad shoulders. She sighed happily as he gripped her tights and shorts, removing them in a quick movement, exposing her moist pussy to the cool breeze. Running a finger across her clit, causing her to shudder he stood before her pulling her to stand up. She grabbed the hem of his top, pulling it off over his head and ran her tongue down his chest. She loved the feel of his bare skin against her lips. He moaned softly, hands gripping her hair guiding her to her knees. She ran her hands over his arse, and round to the fastening on his jeans, slowly undoing his belt then the flies and button before pushing them to the floor. His boxers could barely contain the straining hard on pressing against them. She kissed the outline of his cock through the thin material causing him to growl.
“I could stop..” she said, backing away playfully
“No!” came a sharp reply, his voice husky with wanton lust.
Pulling his boxers down, she freed his perfect erection, kissing the tip and raking her nails over his exposed balls. His knees buckled slightly from the sensation and she paused, pushing him onto the bed so he was sitting upright on the edge. Slowly she ran her pierced tongue over the underneath of his raging cock, the tongue stud adding a little more pressure as she did so. He gripped her hair tighter, as she licked and kissed his balls, before working her way back to the tip. Holding total eye contact, so she could see the effect it had, she slowly wrapped her lips around his penis, warm breath causing him to shudder, before taking him into her mouth, inch by inch until she felt him hit the back of her throat causing her to gag softly. Building up a rhythm, so used one hand to stroke the bottom of the shaft, whilst licking and sucking, the whole time stroking the perineum and caressing his balls. His grip tightened and she knew he was trying not to cum then and there into her mouth. Slowly, she eased his cock out of her mouth, and looked and it glistening. It was an amazing sight and one that made her instantly drenched. Pushing him so he was laying on the bed, she straddled him and nibbled his ear, her drenched clit meeting his hard on. Shuddering with pleasure, he slowly eased her onto him, gripping her hips to control how fast he entered her. Now it was his turn to do the teasing. Sitting up, he kisses her breasts and up to her neck, licking along her collarbone to the spot just behind her ear, knowing this is her weakness, causing her to slam down onto him, moaning loudly as she does so. Kissing her deeply, he bites her lip and grips her arse tightly, the lust taking over as he bounces her up and down his cock fast and hard. She digs her nails into his shoulder, hair covering both their faces as the feeling of his shaft burying into her takes over her, making her moan louder with each move. Finally, the hours of teasing and playing have become too much, her moistness making his cock slick, her clitoris pulsing, breath panting and body grinding against him. Feeling her tighten around him, he knows she is on the verge of an almighty orgasm, she moves so she is literally sitting is his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist, hands raking over his shoulders and the sweet release of an orgasm shakes her all over. Gasping, she smiles. Knowing this is the beginning of a long night.

“On your back, Now” He says nibbling her neck. It’s a rare thing for her to oblige demands, but tonight she knows she is not the one in control. He is her poison, he makes her weak and he knows it.
Helping her off him, he pauses, taking her nipples into his mouth, one at a time, kissing and biting them each. Her orgasm has made her nerves even more alert and she shudders with pleasure once again. Laying back, she closes her eyes a moment, before they fly open as he sucks her clit and pulls it between his teeth.
“Now who’s the tease?” she asks breathlessly.
He doesn’t answer his hot breath against her clit as he laughs in response. Slowly, he licks a finger and pushes it between the lips of her soaking wet pussy, causing her to arch her back slightly in response. He pushes in another, and fucks her slowly with them as he licks and sucks on her clit, causing her to writhe and moan, gripping the bedding. He inserts a third finger, increasing the tempo of his movements, thrusting hard and fast, his hand pushing again her groin, biting her clit a little harder as he does so. He knows she is at his mercy but tonight, tonight he wants to leave her wanting more. He slips his hand out and slips his fingers into her mouth, cock twitching as she hungrily licks and sucks his fingers clean. He kisses her deeply, the taste of her pussy on her tongue and his, making him want her more. He grips her knees and pushes her legs over his shoulders, kisses her ankles and slams into her full force. She cries out and slams her hands into the headboard of the bed, as if to brace herself for what is to come. His cock hardens even more and he grips her hips, giving him the momentum he desires to bring her to the edge once again. She screams out in pleasure and barely has time to catch her breath before he throws her over onto her knees, knowing he hasn’t got long before he’s going to explode himself. Doggy style always feels great for him, and little does he know, it’s her favourite position to. She spreads her legs and he kisses her pussy one last time, almost as if for luck. Crawling up behind her he slowly eases into her, before grabbing her hair and pulling her head back, dominating her slightly as he slams into her, his balls slapping against her clit, her breath getting heavier. He growls deeply, feeling his cock begin to twitch,  “fuck it” he thought. He was going to cum inside her. Remind her who is really in control here. He pulls her up so she is pressed against his back and wraps an arm around her neck, making it slightly harder to breathe but pushing her completely over the edge. She shudders violently, muscles contracting around his cock. He growls, bites her neck and explodes, his cum filling her fast. Kissing her shoulder he pulls out as she falls onto her elbows, his cum dribbles slowly out of her pussy and down her thigh.
Slowly, she rolls onto her back and gazes at him, as he drinks a glass of water. She reaches for it and he hands it to her.
“So…what’s your poison tonight?” he asks huskily.
She giggles, takes a mouthful of water and straddles him
“You…” she replies… slowly heading down his chest
“Definitely you”