I adore sex. Everything about it. The intimacy, the lust, the way your heart races and breath quickens as each orgasm edges closer and closer. I love how it brings you closer to the person, be it in a relationship or just a lust driven fuck. It takes away that feeling of lonliness and your endorphins are so high, you feel you can fly.


Sex has been a major part of me and my life for over a decade. I’m a very sexual being, but when that feeling goes, I know something is wrong. And right now, something is wrong. I’ve been losing my drive, my kink and animalistic desires are few and far between. Mental health has a major impact on sex, and for me I end up feeling like I can’t be sexy, or beautiful, I’m not attractive or desirable. I used to agree with this, and lock down and lock away. Instead, the gorgeous lingerie is coming out, the stockings and hold ups kiss my skin and the sway of my hips is as strong as ever. For me, sex is a basic need. Like air. Or food. This time, I refuse to just let the darkness swallow me, instead I’ll keep it at bay. One touch, one kiss, one orgasm at a time.