Bite my lip as you kiss me,
Wrap your fist in my hair,
Use it to control me,
As you hold me with your stare.

Nip my neck as you bind me,
your breath on my skin,
slowly strip and restrain me,
as the desires begin.

Run your fingers again me,
map out your desires,
divulge what you’ll do to me,
as my skin sets on fire.

Tease and caress me,
hold me down with your gaze,
awaken every part of me,
your touch sets me ablaze.

Kiss and reward me,
tell me I’ve done well,
Unbind and release me,
Tell me I’m your good girl.

Kiss and caress me,
run your fingers through my hair,
Let me slowly undress you,
kissing away all your cares.

Watch me slowly move downwards,
As I sink to my knees,
Breathe slowly as I reach your cock,
my job is to please.

Hold me and guide me,
your hands in my hair,
fuck my face as you tell me,
your wishes laid bare.

Possess and desire me,
leave your marks on my skin,
lay down and be still with me,
As reality creeps in.

Bite my lip as you kiss me,
Wrap your fingers in my hair,
Call me your Good Girl,
Do with me what you dare..