She breathes in suddenly, as she felt the teeth biting into her.
“Harder” she whispers, afraid to voice her desires too loud, afraid to admit she wants more.
He growled, the sound of lust and pleasure escaping from his throat as he applied more pressure against her translucent skin. The deep blush pink of his precise marks, showing his path across her inner thighs, a trail of pleasure and pain, a map if you will.
She arched her back, fingernails digging into her palms as he did as she has asked, allowing himself to be rougher, to watch her skin pucker and dent under his command. Slowly, pearls of blood beaded her inner thigh, he smiled a wicked smile, so proud of his work. The tears of blood decorating her beautiful pale body.
She whimpered and tried to pull away, but the spreader bar between her knees made it impossible for her to close her legs,protect herself from her own desires let alone his.
“More?” He asked as he gently ran his nails on the welts, tracing the raised lines on her eager flesh.
She nodded, not willing to stop yet, even though she knew she should. Her desire to submit, to bleed for him, to be left marked and broken, was over riding the sensible side of her, trying to scream out from its gag to stop. She wanted more. She wanted to make him proud.

He released her legs from the spreader and crawled between her knees, admiring his work. Slowly, he nipped at her inner thighs, following the lines of where the teeth of the single headed pin wheel had been. Nibbling, nipping and licking the pathways caused by his lust, until his tongue hit the beads of blood. Slowly, he licked the traces away, tasting the metallic tang mixed with her scent, her sweat, the taste almost heady. Following the tiny droplets of blood, the breaks in her delicate skin, his tongue climbed up her thigh, lapping away until he could feel the heat from her glistening cunt.
He paused and looked up at her, his cock throbbing as he saw the pleasure on her face. Her beautiful almond shaped eyes were shut, her lower lip caught between her teeth, hands curled and her body a mix of goosebumps and a sheen of sweat, she filled him with such desire, such lust. He took her clit between his teeth and felt it throb, the attention almost too much for her to handle. She bucked against the restraints, pressing her arse into the mattress as his teeth grazed her clit and then nipped back to her thighs, leaving her writhing in pleasure.  His teeth took over from where the pin wheel had left off, his tongue soothing her skin after every gentle nibble.
“Bite me…” She moaned.
Who was he to say no..

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

*Authors notes
This piece was written for the WickedWednesday prompt, but was inspired by talks at Eroticon by both @Remittancegirl and @kristina_lloyd about pushing boundaries, and using different terms and ideas when writing your erotica. So, I did. With that in mind, I am also submitting this piece to the e{lust} submission, under the eroticon category. I hope you enjoy it, perhaps for the second time around..

47 comments on “Wicked Wednesday – Bite me

  1. Paul Simon S

    Wow great read if im honest I want more it left on the brink of curiosity as to what went next.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you! I love how the balance is just right

    1. admin Post author

      Coming from you, that’s a compliment! Xx

  2. Lord Raven

    mummm, sounds like a wonderful time. So powerful and erotic. I adore this kind of play. Awesome write

    1. admin Post author

      ::blushes:: thank you! I adored your piece

  3. Marie Rebelle

    You paint a lovely picture of pleasure and pain!

    Thanks for joining in with Wicked Wednesday. I hope we will see you back frequently :)

    Rebel xox

    1. admin Post author

      Was my absolute pleasure, I loved having a chance to put some new material into play and pushing my boundaries a little more xx

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you, delicious Pea. I am quite pleased with what I can produce on the spot xx

  4. O

    Delicious. I think I actually growled when I read this

    O x

    1. admin Post author

      Oooh! Careful now, growling is a weakness of mine

  5. Molly

    I loved the description of the blood. Such a powerful image but then I have a bit of thing for bleeding


    1. admin Post author

      I had to use blood, it’s something that invokes many an emotion in people. I’m glad you liked it xx

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